IMG_0319I am a delighted but exhausted stay-at-home mum of boy/girl twins, Ernest and Joy (appropriate, but not real, names!) They always seem to provide an endless supply of perplexing issues to solve, interesting questions to answer and fundamental ideas to contemplate. This blog is my way of writing down the answers that I make up as I go along, in the hope that it might be useful to others, or at least entertain them!

In my previous lives I started out as a linguist (I am also half-French) and worked in publishing and as a primary school teacher. My current role is chief twin-chauffeur, feeder, cleaner, negotiator, listener, and cuddler. I love writing, when I have the time, although I must admit my favourite pastime is watching TV in my dressing-gown with my husband in the evening. Other loves include books (when I have the mental acuity) movies (wish I could get to the cinema more) jazz-dancing (beginner, but loving it!) Wikipedia (can spend hours on it) and eating (if it has chocolate, parmesan or cream, I love it!)

I am a regular contributor to Huffington Post and Twiniversity and have written for Tamba’s quarterly magazine Multiple Matters.




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